Our PRODUCTS – The 3 Universal Achievers Memberships

Each Membership has a large number of benefits that help you Save More


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Silver Membership $49

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This entry level membership still comes with great benefits plus the ability to receive income when you Refer-A-Friend(s)

Gold Membership $199

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Stepping up to the Gold Membership offers even greater benefits including the ability to receive income when you Refer-A-Friend(s) plus residual income from dividends.

Platinum Membership $699

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Our Ultimate Membership because it includes the greatest benefits.

The simple easy 1-Time out-of-pocket Platinum Membership comes with the greatest benefits.  It also allows you to create a perpetual monthly income.

  • You receive Thank You $’s when you Refer-A-Friend(s)
  • You also have the ability to receive monthly Team Bonuses
  • You get to SKIP the Membership Auto-Upgrade process Review the Auto-Upgrade System Video below
  • You can begin to accumulate $1,000/yr. per child/grandchild/relative in college scholarships
  • See more benefits by clicking the Platinum Membership card…


Below are testimonials from some of our Members that have used their Member Benefits.


Chris and Liz were able to use many of the benefits of the College Scholarship Program

Scholarships were a great and welcomed start for Chris and Liz W. as they tried to figure out how to get their boys through college.  But through the custom planning process, things really got interesting when they learned how to maximize their financial aid award, and pay for college in a way that didn’t mean compromising their retirement.

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Click here to see the list of over 400 Colleges where you can utilize the full benefits of the College Scholarship Program.

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MaryAnn benefited from the Financial Wellness Program

MaryAnn S. had a job she liked that paid well.  Yet she was constantly distracted by pressing financial issues at home.  Just 6-months into her debt elimination plan, she had already completely paid off 2 nagging credit cards, and was building cash in her personal bank – all without spending a nickel more than she had been spending before.  Talk about a life-changer!

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A testimonial from Kim, one of our Prize Winners…Proof our Advertising Platform Works!

Thank you for introducing me to the prize site.  I can’t remember the last time I actually won a prize but here I really did!  I won a gift certificate to a restaurant that we had never gone to before.  The meal was great and it cost us less than the certificate and the manager gave us the difference in a credit that we also used on our next visit.  It was at Lumpy’s in Cambridge City IN.  We actually have eaten there since.  We were happy with everything and they gained a new customer. I love winning prizes! Thank you UA!  KC.


NOTE: The Product of Universal Achievers is the Universal Achievers Membership. It’s similar to a AAA Membership. The AAA Membership is their Product. Their Product has benefits. The difference? You only get a benefit from a AAA Membership if you have a problem. With Universal Achievers you get immediate access to multiple benefits of great value!

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