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Silver Membership Benefits

  • A $500 Scholarship redeemable at 400 American Colleges/Universities

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Intro to the College Scholarship Program

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Our Unique College Scholarship Program

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the College Scholarship Program

  • For up to one full year of tuition divided at 25% per year for 4 years
  • Formed in 1997.
  • Over 4 million future college students participating
  • Similar to a Frequent Flyer miles concept.
    • A points-based system.
    • Each point equals $1.
    • Points never expire
    • Points accumulated until Jr. Year in H.S.
  • As a UA Member, you are the Sponsor
    • You receive 500 points when you enroll
  • Each UA Member owns the points, which could include:
    • The Parents, Grandparents,
    • Aunts & Uncles, etc.
    • Each can be accumulating points for the same child/children
  • 500 additional points for every child you enroll
    • 500 more points on each child’s birthday… can begin at birth
  • We also teach ways to earn many additional points


  • The Financial Wellness Portal (Great Value – How to: Save – Spend – Plan – Become Debt free)

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Intro to the Financial Wellness Program

Financial Wellness – A strategic plan to become Debt Free and create a Tax-Free Retirement

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the Financial Wellness Program

  • You will learn things about money you may not have heard before
  • Financial principles used by the wealthy
  • The main-stream financial community has not shared them with you
  • Has a Teaching Element – The mechanics of money
    • A way to be debt free much quicker
    • A way to take Risk and Taxes off the table
    • A way to have a Tax-free Retirement
  • You learn how to:
    • Spend – less than you take in
    • Save – more of your income
    • Debt – eliminated much quicker
    • Plan – put in place to meet your future needs

As a UA Member you can receive a personalized Financial Assessment at no cost

True case study: It was going to take Anna and Noah 27.5 years to pay off all their debts and have $0 in their savings with their plan

With the Financial Wellness Strategy using the same exact income…Anna and Noah will pay off all their debts in 9.7 years and have over $500,000 in savings in 27.5 years

*This Case Study with all the details is available when you become a member.
You will receive one customized to your needs at no cost to you.

  • A $249 Advertising Platform to advertise your existing business at no cost (Brick & Mortar or On-line Business for a full year)

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Intro to the Advertising Platform

  • Access to special Deals & Discounts on things you may want to buy

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Intro to Special Deals

  • Gain access to the ability to win great prizes from advertisers – no catches no surprises!

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Intro to Great Prizes

  • Enjoy your Thank you Bonuses when you Refer-A-Friend(s)
  • Plus MUCH MORE to come…
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