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UA is debt-free and was designed on purpose to be able to assist every single participant in the best way possible by giving them the ability to Make More and Save More so they can take care of their financial needs and have more than enough so they can Give More to the worthy causes they care about.

The Profit-Sharing Formula is an algorithm with a number of parts.

And money is set aside for Profit-Sharing:

  • Each time a purchase of an Abundance Package takes place
  • Each time a Matching Grant from our non-profit entity, UA Legacy Grants takes place
  • And each time UA receives funding from our various attached revenue streams that were put in place to enhance the company’s ability to profit share at an optimal payout level.


For 15-Pack Purchases made on Days 1-15 of the month, the first $300 payout will be made on the 15th of the month 2 mo’s from time of purchase.

Ex:  Purchase on Mar. 12, 1st Payout on  May 15

For 15-Pack Purchases made on Days 16-31 of the month, the first $300 payout will be made on the 15th of the month 3 mo’s from time of purchase.

Ex:  Purchase on Mar. 20, 1st Payout on  Jun. 15

No. Given UA’s unique profit-sharing and payout algorithm, you are able to create your monthly income and bonus payouts simply by purchasing 3 or more UA Abundance Packages.

We recommend the UA Legacy Grant Package comprised of 15 individual UA Abundance Packages as a great way to create for yourself a $4,500/month income within a year’s time.

This is unique compared to other approaches to making passive income that often require you to sign up or enroll many other affiliates in order to earn even a fraction of what UA is able to create for you.

No. Besides the fact that true pyramid and Ponzi schemes are illegal, here are two absolutely sure ways to know that UALG is neither of those schemes:

People who run illegal businesses wouldn’t offer free grant recipient spots for grant applicants in financial need, nor would they be anywhere near as generous with their payouts as UALG is with theirs.

UALG’s goal is to help others financially for the long-term rather than to enrich themselves only in the short-term.

You simply need to purchase a 3, 4 or 15-Pack UA Legacy Grant Package OR refer in 2 individuals that purchase the UA Abundance Package or you can just purchase those 2 additional Abundance Packages on your own.

After you’ve referred 2 individuals that purchase the Abundance Package (or you buy those yourself), UA Legacy Grants rewards you with a matching grant you can assign to a grant recipient either of your choosing or to a grant recipient that is on the UA waiting list.

And, for every additional person you refer after those first 2 purchases, UA Legacy Grants will reward you with an additional matching grant recipient Abundance Package that you can assign to a person of your choosing that applies to be a grant recipient.  This happens each time after a new referral of yours makes their initial Abundance Package purchase. The same applies when you’re purchasing your 3rd and every additional Abundance Package, at which time you also can assign an additional Abundance Package to a person of your choosing who has applied to be a grant recipient.

The more you refer and the more matching grants you are able to give to those who do not have the ability to easily pay for their own Abundance Package, the quicker you will get to your $300 per month income maximum payout level per UA Abundance Package you own.

When properly activated, each year from birth through the junior year of high school, you can accumulate a $500 Scholarship each year for your child, grandchild, or other applicable relative. The scholarship program is established with over 400 participating colleges. 

You could potentially have one-quarter of a 4-year tuition paid through this program per child.

When profit-sharing has been generated in amounts of $30 or greater, it will be paid out on the 15th of the month, on a recurrent monthly basis.

Your profit-sharing income is direct-deposited into your checking or savings account. If you do not have a checking or savings account, you can receive your income on a Visa Reward Card. You can set up your Direct Deposit through your virtual back office.

Unfortunately, at the present time UA is only serving individuals and organizations based in the United States.

However, if you are inquiring from outside of the United States and have a ministry or service supported by individuals in the United States, you are welcome to contact us so we may determine if there’s a way we could assist your cause.

No.  When you purchase your UA Abundance Package you have immediate full access to all the non-income-related benefits it provides, although the payout of funds follows the schedule based on how many Abundance Packages you purchase and when your UA Abundance Account is activated.  Activation is immediate when you purchase 3 or more Abundance Packages at the same time.

Upon making your purchase, UA immediately assigns funds into the UA system to allow for a timely growth of funds and optimized profit. Therefore, all sales are final.

You can pay with a debit or credit card, via PayPal, or by applying to pay via PayPal Credit.

Yes. UA was designed to greatly benefit Charities. We welcome the opportunity to speak with all charitable organizations that would like to explore how to customize a plan that will fit their financial needs and goals. Charitable organizations are welcome to complete the Organizational Discovery Form to begin the conversation.

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